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Technical & Business Change Management Consultancy

Technical & Business Change Management Consultancy

Drive progress and embrace sustainable holistic change with Broadstones' Technical and Business Change management consultancy. We are problem solvers that ensure technology and business needs are married for value that endures.

Reinvigorate your IT transformation projects with experienced technical change management support.

Change comes to every business. Establishing what change is needed is only part of the equation, but achieving lasting, embedded change can be a real uphill battle.

Whether you need to develop new tools, install new infrastructure, migrate to the cloud, or something else entirely, technical change can be a real challenge; even with a strong mission and vision to back it up.

Broadstones are seasoned IT change management consultants with years of technical project management experience. If deadlines are passing you by with little to show for it or your change projects just don’t seem to have staying power, our digital transformation specialists will help you get back on track.

Technical change project losing steam? Recharge momentum and refocus with Broadstones.

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Making Change Your New Reality

With years of IT and Agile project management under our belts, our technical change consultants have an innate sense for what can hold transformational tech projects back.

We take an overall view of your project and your wider business goals in order to identify your individual change-blocking factors. Sometimes operating models need tweaking. It may be that company culture is resistant to change, or there are skills gaps or personnel development needs that are going unaddressed.

But whatever’s hampering your chances of transformation, the team at Broadstones will find it and help you solve it – putting you back in the driving seat.

Stop deliberating and start delivering with help from Broadstones’ experienced change consultants.

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  • Help you gain momentum on technical change projects that are losing steam or lagging behind.
  • From Technical or Business Leadership, to Topic SMEs and PMO, all types of support are available at any point within a transformational project to drive continued progress.
  • Explore ailing projects in-depth to establish what’s going wrong ‘under the bonnet’ and fix it.
  • Provide action plans and change strategies that are informed by your business’s culture and aims.
  • Address personnel and process issues to turn change-resistant teams into change ambassadors.
  • Leave you with a capable, change-positive outlook that will aid your whole team into the future.

Alternatively, if you know change is needed, but need guidance in establishing the project’s vision, check out our Digital Transformation Strategy service.

There’s much more to change management than just focusing on problems and obstacles.

Our highly personable and empathetic team knows that change begins and ends with people. We actively develop your in-house talent, involving them in the process and providing them with the confidence and capability to dive into fresh transformation projects with heightened energy and creative verve.

Drive progress and embrace lasting, embedded change with Broadstones.

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