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Governance, Risk and Control

Governance, Risk and Control

Embrace the full range of disruptive technologies from a position of control, with a risk approach that is fit for the future and designed to support digital and cloud transformations.

Many businesses now adopting, or furthering the depth of their Cloud adoption, have an impossible shopping list for their Cloud needs; they want their Cloud to be the: safest, cheapest, most fully featured deployment with world class innovative, agile, provider agnostic, quickest to build, lowest maintenance system that is totally under our control to enhance and build upon. These expectations require a different approach when it comes to governance, risk and control.

Whilst Cloud does set a new normal for the levels of nimbleness businesses can realistically achieve, it does open new threat vectors for those businesses that hold their company information and end customers’ personal and transactional data within the Public Cloud.

Attacks and data breaches are very damaging, and the unprecedented rise in cyber attacks like ransomware in the past 12 months, shows that every company needs to be on top of it’s risk approach, management, monitoring and controls. These needs to be a first thought not an afterthought.

Companies need to create a culture of defense and instil in their people a responsibility for data, equipping them with the knowledge and skills to be able to stand up against cyber threats.

Speed is nothing without control – ensure you’re setup for success with risk expertise from Broadstones.

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For regulated industries is not a requirements to be able to demonstrate you control framework

Creating a Controls Framework that is fully integrated into your organisation requires the establishment of a clear lineage, or family tree between Regulation, Risk, Policy, Standards, Controls and Assurance.
Broadstones can help you in the development, implementation and embedding of a clear processes in which Controls were evidenced as operating, enabling you to provide the regulator with demonstrable evidence that you are in control whilst consumer public cloud.

Total collaboration with risk functions and a strong focus on training and development are required to assist with the mindset change required to operate in a cloud or hybrid world. Risk Management is now a proactive, interactive process, not a checklist and report style function. Understanding the technology, the flow of data and the purpose and structure of controls is essential for a successful and sustainable future.

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Ransomware attacks are increasing in many industries that have older estates like Retail, Healthcare and Education.
The need to modernise not only for all the benefits desired, but also to mitigate this growing trend,
Ransomware continues to be successful because companies don’t create a culture of defense or a sense of responsibility for data, their workforces aren’t equipped to stand up against cyber threats, the threats from malicious outsiders only persist, and proper security configurations are not implemented.
Broadstones assist you in addressing all facets, from a vulnerability review of your IT, effectiveness of your controls and level of understanding of your people. Creating tailored solutions based on the reality of your situation not a one-size-fits all theory.

Loosely coupled architectures require tightly coupled controls. Broadstones can help your business address your Controls challenge by:

  • Defining the risk position for your business, bringing together siloed stakeholder views and varying levels of understanding.
    Meeting the new 2020 regulatory requirement to have a Controls Framework in place.
  • Getting away from being audit response led and getting on the right side of the conversation with your regulator.
    Create consistent, enterprise wide standards for how your business stays safe in the Cloud.
  • Stop your teams reinventing the wheel by promoting reuse of technology solutions to manage risk.
  • Clarifying how the teams and roles within your business come together to Own and Operate controls.
  • Getting your DevOps culture truly healthy and balanced; helping great developers become great systems operators by guiding them through their Controls journey.

Embrace risk and control to truly unleash the power of your technology

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