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DevOps Site Reliability Engineering

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DevOps Site Reliability Engineering

The Challenge

This major UK brand had started their agile journey prior to Cloud Centre of Excellence; in the spirit of how teams worked, embracing the concept of backlog and sprint, with some teams experimenting further with agile development tooling. Cloud Centre of Excellence took the next steps on the journey, adopting a DevOps Site Reliability Engineering model.

The Process

To embed principles and practises of control automation, self-healing and financial optimisation all performed by a common team that both built new features and operated and optimised existing ones.

Core to supporting a goal of pushing product capability every sprint was by fully embracing automated deployment for components in all architectural tiers.

The Outcome

This work allowed deployment of a full 3 tier cloud platform and deployment of microservices on top within 45 minutes from scratch. Combinations of native and non-native tooling was used with a pure goal of control and autonomy with great results.

"We've been lucky to have Broadstones our team and can attribute huge amounts of our success directly to their involvement"

Head of Cloud Centre of Excellence
Large Financial Services Organisation
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